Young Pu-Erh (1 Year) Loose Leaf Tea 100g by Simpli-Special Tea


Young Pu-Erh (1 Year) Loose Leaf Tea 100g by Simpli-Special Tea

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Manufacturer Description

This tea is famed for its medicinal homes. The leaves arrive from the Yunnan Dayeh assortment of tea tree - which is purported to be closely connected to the first tea tree of pre-glacial instances. In the course of the 1200's the troops of Kubla Khan are mentioned to have introduced Pu-erh to the rest of China for its medicinal value. Pu-erh is typically taken for alleviation of abus and dysentery but has also been documented quite helpful in the reduction of cholesterol. A study in Japan indicated that all tea lowered cholesterol and that pu-erh was a lot more efficient than green tea. Other fans of 'Chinese tea for health' report that pu-erh can "cut the grease, assist digestion, market body fluid secretion, quench the thirst, invigorate the spleen and dispel alcoholic poisons" Whether pu-erh is efficient or not for the numerous statements that researchers and tea drinkers make has not been firmly proven what is particular is that pu-erh is relatively strange and has homes many other teas do not reveal.

The steaming approach generates some moisture and when compressed (with no drying) into the cakes, in the study course of time the tea takes on a musty and earthy character. Pu-erh that gets somewhat mouldy ahead of it normally dries is deemed the very best. Pu-erh is then stored for several years. As with wine, younger pu-erh is deemed the least beneficial while pu-erh 5 several years or older is a lot more very prized. Apparently the flavor of pu-erh turns into a lot more mellow with age and probably a lot more acceptable to the western palate.

The flavor has been described as mellow, nevertheless these not accustomed to it could not appreciate the 'old' character. For other folks although, this flavour will add to its aura of surprise and seem fitting in a tea prized for its medicinal homes. Some shoppers have advised that pu-erh be blended with chrysanthemum florets to make the flavor a lot more acceptable. In fact this blend can be ordered in tea properties in southern China and Hong Kong.

Product Features

Country of Origin : China Yunnan Province Pu-erh 1 year vintage Musty, earthy character sometimes described as old or elemental. Up to 2 years shelf life if stored correctly between uses. Tea as it Should Be!